April 18, 2024 6:54 pm
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Text of Cong President Shri Mallikarjun Kharge to Smt Droupadi Murmu ji, Hon’ble President of India

Xavier Public School april

Social samvad/delhi (report – Sidharth Prakash ): I am writing to you in your capacity as the Supreme Commander of the Indian Armed Forces on a matter of utmost importance. It involves the fate of almost two lakh young men and women whose futures have become uncertain because of decisions taken by the Government of India.

Recently, I had the privilege of meeting a group of young men and women who had been selected for service with the Indian Armed Forces but were cruelly denied the opportunity to serve their country. They told me that between 2019 and 2022, almost two lakh young men and women were informed that they had been accepted into the three armed services: the Indian Army, the Indian Navy and the Indian Air Force. These young men and women had struggled against all odds to pass gruelling mental and physical tests and a written exam. Until 31 May 2022 they believed that they had fulfilled their dreams and were awaiting only their joining letters. On that day, their dreams were shattered by the Government of India’s decision to end this recruitment process and replace it with the Agnipath Scheme.

There are many well-known issues with the Agnipath Scheme. Former Chief of Army Staff General MM Naravane has written that the Army was “taken by surprise” by Agnipath and that “for the Navy and Air Force, it came like a bolt from the blue.” Furthermore, the scheme is discriminatory among our jawans by creating parallel cadres of soldiers who are expected to work on similar tasks, but with very different emoluments, benefits and prospects. The majority of Agniveers will be released into an uncertain job market after four years of service, which some have argued could affect social stability.

However, my main purpose in writing to you is to highlight the Anyay or injustice inflicted on the lakhs of youth whose dreams did not materialise despite the solemn promise made by the Government of India. Not only did they spend years in pursuit of this dream, but the 7250 each of 50 lakh applicants had to pay to collect and application form was never refunded, which amounts to a hefty 2125 crore taken from these youngsters. The resulting frustration and hopelessness has even led to several reported deaths by suicide.

जाने छठ पूजा से जुड़ी ये खास बाते विराट कोहली का जन्म एक मध्यमवर्गीय परिवार में 5 नवंबर 1988 को हुआ. बॉलीवुड की ये top 5 फेमस अभिनेत्रिया, जिन्होंने क्रिकेटर्स के साथ की शादी दिवाली पर पिछले 500 सालों में नहीं बना ऐसा दुर्लभ महासंयोग सोना खरीदने से पहले खुद पहचानें असली है या नकली धनतेरस में भूल कर भी न ख़रीदे ये वस्तुएं दिवाली पर रंगोली कहीं गलत तो नहीं बना रहे Ananya Panday करेगीं अपने से 13 साल बड़े Actor से शादी WhatsApp में आ रहे 5 कमाल के फीचर ये कपल को जमकर किया जा रहा ट्रोल…बच्ची जैसी दिखती है पत्नी